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Solve street art
Chicago, 2006

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Stavrogin - Reflections EP

BYRSLF009 | STAVROGIN - Reflections EP ( Out Dec 12th @ Boomkat // 7 days exclusive ) by B.YRSLF division

This is a gorgeous EP from Stavrogin. I highly recommend a full listen through. So warm, so bright, so good.

London-based newcomer Stavrogin (a.k.a Theo Darton-Moore), a recent addition to the B.YRSLF Division roster, is yet another English teenage beatmaker with a knack for bass-music production. That said, the upstart producer's sparse, slow-motion take on the sound does set him apart from the rest of the increasingly crowded field. "Run Down," the first track from Darton-Moore's forthcoming Reflections EP (artwork above), is a mellow piece of warped 2-step with a heaving bassline and diced-up, R&B-esque vocal samples.

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